Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well, my New Year's resolution is to intentionally grow closer to God by knowing Him better through His Word, and thereby walking closer with Christ Jesus the only Lord and Savior of sinners. The Object of my faith surely deserves more of my time with Him and His people, and warrants more of my efforts to share His Word, power, and life with those who do not yet know Him.

With that being said, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos by popular, mainstream, and Reformed preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have been very encouraged in the process.

I may be unemployed now, but I am going to Heaven later! Glory to God alone.

Which brings me to bringing to you my latest video excursion into doctrinal debates from my favorite defender of the faith against modern and ancient heresies and false teachings, Dr James White.

My only comment (for the moment) is that this misguided firebrand named Steven Anderson is passionately defending an indefensible (for the most part, according to Dr White) position of King James Version Only-ism of the Holy Bible.

Let me just say, I used to be one of them -- a King James Only believer, that is -- for a short time, maybe a few years, in the '90's. Then, little by little, I was enlightened through logic, reason, and love from other pastors and teachers who were (and still are) equally as credible as my then-current pastor of a KJV church (in terms of pulpit usage).


So, I became disillusioned little by little, by the grace of God, until finally, I abandoned my high-and-mighty perch above those lesser-informed masses of fellow believers in Christ who did not esteem the KJV of the Bible above all others like I did. Like "we" did.

Through the loving interaction and intervention of fellow Christians who loved me enough to pray for me and lead me in a way that was better than the way I was on, I learned how to think outside the KJV box. Not to abandon the sound doctrine I had learned thus far, but to abandon my ignorance of Bible translation issues with the KJV, which seemed to be clarified in readings from other translations, to my temporary and carnal dismay.

I could wax indefinite, if not infinite, about this whole issue. Suffice it to say, it felt good and reassuring to revisit the KJV-Only issue anew in this post. I strive to love my "separated brethren," and to keep my own emotions in check. For this is indeed a very hotly debated issue in many circles I used to run in.

I feel Dr White did a masterful job of keeping a rather overbearing and stubborn opponent under control, while maintaining a godly, father-to-son-in-the-faith exchange.  In the end, it was obvious he was becoming exasperated with the unrepentant whipper-snapper, who proved to be a potentially dangerous proponent of heresy, relatively speaking.

Watch the video.

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