Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Holy cow! (A good former Roman Catholic can say that guiltlessly.)  But I digress.

I want to state somehow the vast importance of Internet communication, particularly social networking (Twitter, Facebook, email, and blogs).  This is how many beliefs are discovered, cultivated, and, when necessary, abandoned.

Here is the path I followed to find a seismic issue brewing among the Christian community in real life and cyberspace: universalism. Not only that, but a universalism seemingly promoted if not taught or embraced by a leading preacher in the Christian world: Rob Bell.

I am not willingly engaging in name-dropping/name-calling or whatever. But I feel I am standing on good, solid ground when I post these links to show you how I found a very hot issue - hell - at the very core of his and others' error, namely, that there is no such thing.

I want to retrace my "steps" from my email alert that my income tax return had been accepted, and that I could "tweet" and "Facebook" my glee for all the world to see how TaxACT Online got me there!

Naturally, I clicked on both links, the one leading to Facebook, and the other leading to... Twitter! Here, I found among my tweets one from someone who posted a link to "The Lesson of David Swing." This blog post is about false teaching in the church, and has a link to "information" about Rob Bell being, or showing signs of being, a universalist-- one who embaces the false doctrine that no one goes to hell, and everyone goes to Heaven. So the gospel is an exercise in fertility?

Now, this article riveted my attention! It is found in the Gospel Coalition blog, and has updates at the end which shed more light (see Updates 2 and 3 at the bottom of it). It also includes a video of Rob Bell saying things which made (and make) many a knowledgeable Christian sit up and take note, though not in a good way-- but in an alarming way!

I have yet to watch the video. I will do so now and comment forthcoming...
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