Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, intrepid readers of other people's blogs (OPB), it is with no small measure of concern that I post this the latest tragedy in American Christian theology: the departure of another pastor from historic Christianity. It seems the vortex of universalist error created by you-know-who (Rob Bell) has sucked one more well-meaning victim of bad exegesis (interpretation drawn from Scripture) of John 3:16 into its lofty clutches.

Not wanting to name the pastor in this post, I refer you to the story with the link here.

And here: "Who's In Hell? Pastor's Criticism of Eternal Torment for Some Sparks Fierce Debate" (FoxNews)

I deduce from this and other stories lately in my daily perusal of the Internet that the popular meaning poured into John 3:16 is the cause for much misunderstanding of who God will save.

Let me try to summarize the argument for its proper exegesis: In this way, God demonstrated His love for all the nations of people: He gave His only begotten Son, that all those believing will not perish, but have eternal life.

I also think of Jesus' own words, "whosoever will may come," and this verse warrants exegesis as well. My preliminary investigation yielded "the" or "those" who are willing.  Watching the John 3:16 video will help you, as it did me, to remember the proper Biblical interpretation and avoid the temptation to think that God will save everyone, if only they will believe!

Not wanting to stir controversy or dissension, I think reinforcing our Scriptural knowledge is helpful for when challenges such as this come along.

Stay tuned.
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