Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Yes, friends. It is time to blog once again. When an unemployable idiot like me loses another job, there are few options left to pretend I have a "skillset" and "giftings" from God. So here I am: blogging my little heart out.

Look! I posted an image on the Internets! I know about rudimentary web design, ya know. I use Blogger to its full potential. Not every Moe, Joe, and Larry knows how to perform such highly-skilled tasks as that. But enough about my abilities, stellar though they are.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking (or not). You're saying, this bozo -- er, I mean, dunce-- is a garden-variety moron! Nobody with two brain cells firing will hire a useless (or is it "useful") idiot like me to do any real, serious work. You know, high paying, high-brow stuff like Walmart or McDonald's. That's for young, upwardly mobile professionals with a mountain of student loan debt.

Wait a minute! I have a mountain (though it be small, thank the Lord), of student loan debt. Maybe I can get a job throwing pizzas or newspapers until a real job opportunity with one of these really successful temp agencies opens up!

Yeah, that's the ticket.
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