Monday, April 6, 2009


I had the most unfortunate thought. 

I realized that when I post these blog entries, my email recipients receive the unvarnished "Publish Post," which may suffer further revisions upon closer scrutiny from their master (me), and thus be slightly different from what is emailed.

This I know because I send the posts to my own email address as well, and thus, can see what is being sent out.

And not only that: they miss the visual experience of the Worldview Window in all its glory!

Hmmm, I said. What if I just, from now on, send out a link to the blog and hope everyone reads it after I've made subsequent changes (if needed).  

This would be an extra step, i.e., more work for me.  Oh, well. At least you won't see as many of my mistakes.

Just a thought worth implementing.
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