Monday, May 18, 2015


To borrow a phrase from my very favorite brand of supplements, Juice Plus+, try One Simple Change to start changing the present course of your life. That change, for you, may be accepting and believing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Or it may involve making a dietary change to improve your chances of fighting disease and illness.

Progress in a positive direction will always involve a course correction. Just like a trip to the moon (I know that is reaching back in the past) involved many, many course corrections to finally reach the desired objective (moon landing), so does our life sometimes require a change in behavior, activity, thoughts, and words.

With that said, my objective is to find gainful employment. Out of past experience, and wishful thinking, I am blogging to persuade the employment gods (HR Managers) to act favorably toward my feeble efforts at employment.  Since blogging happens when I am not working, I figured posting a prayer for work would effect that change for me!

Here I go!
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