Friday, February 21, 2014


Okay, I am typing this post on a Droid Razr M (an Android smartphone for those of you in Sunnyslope, Arizona).

So I visited the other day and was pleasantly surprised by its functionality. I have not done much blogging there since abandoning my HTML5 OR BUST! endeavor last year.

You may visit Web Developments or search this blog for coverage (if any) of my web design career exploits. Fun, fun, fun!

As I was saying, I really liked the possibilities of what I saw (and have not seen yet) at WordPress. I know they are a very popular and capable website content management system (CMS), as I have seen their name in website URLs and hosting credits for years. Very impressive appearance and functionality, indeed.

I look forward to exploring further their mobile platform functionality in the very near future as well.

So! Until I get my fingertips "wet" with WordPress, and "get the blog rolling," you may be called upon to endure another post or two in that other well-known blogging platform which gave many of us experienced users their first blog!

Relax. It's Google... :/

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