Monday, June 8, 2009


You know, this story keeps coming up like a bowling pin in the ocean (I assume it will float, but I've never seen it chronicled on David Letterman's "Will It Float?" segment).

There is still sharp controversy surrounding his birth certificate, and indeed his citizenship--and therefore, his right to be president!

I'm curious what all the hubbub is about. So I go to WorldNetDaily and see a few stories still doubting his legitimacy. I order a copy of WhistleBlower magazine using my hard-earned Unemployment Insurance money and await its arrival in the mail.

The April 2009 issue, with the headline, "Your Papers, Please?" is touted by WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah as:

"...the most complete and thorough exposé of the eligibility questions surrounding Barack Obama's presidency. It is an indictment of the process that put him in the White House Jan. 20 of this year.

"Although Article II section 1 of the Constitution clearly requires that all presidents be 'natural born citizens,' the 2008 election proved, Farah points out, 'that no controlling legal authority bothered to establish' that Obama was qualified for the Oval Office. 'Everybody dropped the ball,' said Farah.

"The biggest reason interest in the Obama eligibility issue continues to mount, with ever more legal actions being filed and more Americans demanding answers, says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, is simple: 'Barack Obama is hiding something.' "

Well, we Americans can engage in this sort of thing because after all, we are a nation of checks and balances.
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