Saturday, May 5, 2007


That's what blogging is!!!

It is a process by which one wracks his or her left- and right-brains in order to make one's voice "heard" online. The object is to overcome any sense of hopeless anonymity and sameness, and produce something worthy of someone else's readership.

Now I'm under no delusions that I might one day command the attention (and dollars) of thousands in the vast expanse of the English-speaking community. But creative writing is just that: a challenge to say something worthwhile in an original way. My English teachers hammered that point home many times, no matter how badly my romanticized memory recalls it.

There have been many journalists who discharged their duties faithfully in the newsroom. Once in a while, one strikes a chord that resonates above the tone of cliche and hits the bullseye. That's what we all strive for in the whole mundane yet wonderful process.

Now I don't purport to be a journalist--only a blogger. Very seldom do I recall reading such inspiring prose in a periodical that made me feel glad that I can read and write. Perhaps it was a newspaper article, a magazine column, or some piece of writing somewhere that spoke to my heart in a timeless and eternal way.

The ultimate book to read is, of course, the Bible. You cannot find more inspirational prose, poetry, history and prophecy, allegory and narrative. Praise the Lord!
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