Saturday, May 5, 2007


It has been almost a month since I last posted an entry. Have I dried up? I have only been inspired enough to blog today. I have been a consumer more than a producer online lately. I must admit, this blog thing is not for the faint of heart. Originality is the watchword of blogging, and of any other creative process.

I would like to know one thing: does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care (about time). And so I can't imagine why we've all got time enough to cry. (Courtesy: Chicago)

That was my effort to prime the pump of originality and creativity, and get the juices flowing.

How does one keep a positive tone in his or her blog? Well, one must assume a superior attitude and posture which eschews all compromise with mediocrity. One must channel a British alter ego from the imagination to the keyboard with a minimum of hindrance. Of course, this would only work with an English blog, you see.

Anyway, the cutting edge of today's mass media IS THE BLOGOSPHERE. The ongoing challenge of blogging is to rise above the din of mediocrity and the morass of mundane verbosity, in order to blaze a trail of thought which would spur the reader to some new level of insight or wisdom which was heretofore never experienced! I believe this glorifies God our Creator, when we rise above our circumstances and soar on eagle's wings. See what I mean?

Well, I must wind up today's post. For better or worse, there it is.
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