Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well, even though it's already February, I am inclined to make changes to my blog (regardless of the time or season of the year).

Now then, the last time I posted, we were mulling the subject of, what was it.. oh, yes, the year of Christ's birth. We had established the "fact" that Christ was born, er, four years before He was born! Sometimes history just doesn't add up.

[I had to peek out of my Editor's window to see that, because these things escape me from time to time.]

But that's not the subject of today's post! I just thought it would lend continuity to the flow of things if I referenced the previous entry before proceeding to...

... today's topic: a new template. For those who are unschooled in all things blog, that is the appearance of your blog regarding colors, layout, etc. Now I don't purport to be a teacher or anything. But a blog is a good place to pretend you are one. And why not? Nobody else is reading it!!!

But I digress. Whenever I go six months to a year without seeing any comments left on my blog, that concerns me. It tells me: (A) I am a lousy blogger; and (B) nobody reads lousy blogs. Why can't I be like Hugh Hewitt and command the attention, loving or otherwise, of thousands if not millions of readers who have no opinion of their own (yet) or who have not yet discovered the joy of blogging to yourself?

Ah, my biting sarcasm has returned full force. No delinquency of rhetorical venom here! Ann Coulter is the Gold Standard for biting, sarcastic wit; and we miniscule blogger-wannabes type our little diatribes out with tremulous vigor and drooling spittle --okay, okay, that's a little "over the top." What fun it is to exhaust a word-picture to its utterly graphic end!

Does this blogger pretend to channel Shakespeare? Why doth my mind achieve new heights ere I consume chocolate and ice cream? Nonsense! Imagination and Creativity travel alone--and light!!!

Adieu! My right-brain has spun out of control...
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