Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is a blog post "for blog's sake." That means it is only a self-indulgent attempt at maintaining some semblance of credibility as a "serious" blogger. I will not admit to not being a "serious blogger." I will only promise to take a stab every now and then at making an effort to contribute a little wisdom if not enrichment to the life of some imaginary reader. Perhaps this is...YOU.

I am presently listening to Hugh Hewitt on the radio. During commercial breaks, however, I am listening online to the White Horse Inn, which is a reformed, Protestant, evangelical Christian talk show.

Well, this is my third paragraph, and I haven't figured out what to blog about. I am, however, having a blast typing and listening to the radio. That's all that matters.

Now I have the radio on the Suns game. It's almost game time. has the game posted and ready for stats. Well, I think I'll keep simul-blogging for now. Actually, I think they call it a "blogcast" when you simultaneously blog and cover a mass media event such as a basketball game (which I won't do).

As they say in text-messagese: BFN :)
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