Sunday, February 7, 2016


Blogging is the art of textually and graphically waxing eloquent upon a given theme or subject which interests the author, who is hopefully a self-absorbed, narcissistic, trend-watching information/news junkie/warrior (like me, for example). This activity is usually best accomplished by using the (free) resources at your disposal (like Blogger), and thereby publishing the aforementioned diatribe on the Internet for universal access and perusal in what is known as the "blogosphere."

It should also prove helpful that you attempt subtle (or blatantly humorous) puns and/or turns of phrases now and then, which will hopefully bring a smile to your reader's face. See? Well, anyway...

"One more thing," saith Steve Jobs. Blogging is a high-tech attempt to penetrate the quiet desperation of solitude among far-flung netizens around the globe. But I digress.

Well, thanks for visiting my weblog (blogging website), and for indulging in this bandwidth-eating exercise which showcases nothing worthy of column inches elsewhere. I do appreciate your patronage.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: If you feel you have reached this blog in error, please deposit a quarter for the next 10 megabytes, and try your surfing skills one more time!]

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