Saturday, May 11, 2013


Who needs a blog anyway? I can "tweet," "Facebook," and "text" my innermost (filtered) thoughts to all the world simultaneously.

Can a blog do that? No. Well, not without a lot of time and trouble swindling and securing readers-- lots of them.

Perhaps I am just old-school enough to need a little throwback to a typewriter/keyboard session meant to restore my sense of literacy and "educatedness." Capitalization, punctuation, and grammar count here :)

Only the best blogs ever make the cut for loyal readership and attention-spanning (get it?). That is what a blog should do.

Compare this functionality with that of a text message, which is a momentary lapse in interpersonal communication just long enough to thumb out a quick missive to the digitized masses out there on their various mobile devices, one of whom is hopefully someone you know, love, and/or trust. Indeed, the instant gratification of getting an answer back is priceless. Contact with another human being has been established once again.

Or better yet (in some cases), a tweet is good, which is a 145-character statement or question or comment or hyperlink or embedded video...

Or Facebook, which has become a verb as well as a synonym for publishing comments and other such content that the sender and receiver mutually agree to indulge in to the questionable edification of both. Almost  as much fun (or more than) being there!

But a blog is the lumbering dinosaur that refuses to die in the age of instant messages with little or no analysis behind them. Ponder the meaning of life and the issues therein, put fingers to keyboard, and presto, you are a blogger!

The sky (or "cloud") is the limit. Some restrictions apply.

We members of the fallen human race (you know who you are) need to share our lives and experiences however and whenever we can. In an age of net population increase ("boom") and gross telecommunication advancement, let us join and embrace the capabilities at our fingertips before the governments of this world seize our beloved freedom of speech, and we are left with pen and paper passed between prison cells.

Can a blog do that? Yes!

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