Saturday, April 14, 2012


With blogging apologies to Glen Campbell for revising his song title, "Gentle On My Mind," North Korea has a new Dear Leader (same as the old Dear Leader) who has finally gotten the spotlight shone on his cherubic countenance and a new agenda of lies and human brutality laying before him.

If it were not so tragically barbaric, the upstart regime of Kim Jong Un would be comical.

The audacious parade of deception for all the world and even its own people to see unwillingly has begun-- or should I say, continues. It will go down (and it will go down, God willing) in history as the last Stalinist regime to fall, and the world's largest prison camp that would make even the Man of Steel, Josef Stalin, smile in his fireside resting place (wishful thinking).

Why blog about North Korea now? Because I am happy-- albeit temporarily-- with the latest development in the government's failed rocket launch. We Westerners breathe a collective sigh of relief every time a world dictator falls on his (never her) face, militarily. See the story on Fox News.

Whew! Please keep screwing up your space program, Commander Kim!

Stop causing so much incomprehensible human misery that only God can stop. And trust me, He will stop it. That is the hope and prayer of every human being with a pulse.

Let us work for a Domino Principle that will cause a wave of good rather than evil to spread.
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