Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This has nothing to do with worldview, politics, religion, or anything else--but browsers! Namely, Internet Explorer and its wonderful ability to import favorites from Firefox and put them in their respective folders automatically.

I generally refrain from using IE simply because it's a pain to use, and slow. But for online classes through my community college, IE is required for optimal performance. Or so they say.

In any event, I found IE to be deficient in its selection of favorites which I've created. So I simply clicked on the File menu, chose Import and Export, and clicked which browser's favorites I wanted to import to IE. Done.

Within mere seconds, IE imported all (I suppose) of my favorites from Firefox. Having all of my stored favorites is a great comfort. It takes a very long time to save sites for future reference, as you well know.

Well, I won't bore my readers with further kudos to IE-- at not least until I find another feature which saves the day (and my sanity).
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