Friday, June 15, 2007


Why blog when nobody reads it?

Woe is me. I keep an unread blog.

Boo hoo! Where's the Kleenex? Cry me a digital river.

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself because nobody leaves comments on your blog?

I know I have. Which is why I am blogging today.

Let's overcome those feelings of hopelessness, of being lost in a sea, nay, an OCEAN of Bloggers Anonymous.

Before we wax TOO poetic, let's get practical. We should all just channel our favorite mentor at the moment and blog away. For me, it's...Kim Komando.

Now before you all just shuffle off to another blog, let me finish my diatribe. I'm on a roll here.

I've found the best thing to do when blogging is to just keep going. Zzzzzzz...

You know, when you start to get sleepy because it's BEDTIME!!!

It's bedtime.
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